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Welcome to the World of Hope

Welcome to The World of Hope, a place where I want to celebrate style and the 40+ women, whatever our shape or size, and understand what really makes us feel confident; whether it’s how we dress, how we see ourselves, or simply our state of mind. How we dress can impact directly on how we feel, behave and how we are perceived by others, so understanding how we develop our own sense of style and the confidence it can bring has always fascinated me. I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned, and what I’m still learning, about feeling confident and how to dress for your shape. I’ll also be talking about some of the things that make me see red; like a size12 women modelling so called ‘plus size’ clothing and ageism in fashion. I’ll also be introducing you to some of the inspirational people I’ve met on my journey. But what I most want is to hear from you. What’s your style and why does it make you feel confident? I want this to be a place where you can be inspired, ask questions, share your views, your ups and downs and above all, a place where we celebrate us!

Nayna McIntosh
Founder and CEO

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