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Make fashion your business!

Flexible, fun, rewarding. Join our exciting Brand today!

Why choose hope?

  • Be your own boss and run your own business organising Hope at Home events, 1-1’s and consultations with friends, family and fashion lovers everywhere!
  • Flexible hours to suit you
  • No geographical boundaries
  • Be part of a fun and exciting new Fashion business


  • Build friendships within the Hope community and have great fun being part of our family
  • Great Commission structures and great averages!
  • Discount for Stylists personal customers
  • Commission paid on affiliated website sales
  • Generous discount on the Hope Collection all year long


  • Continuous training and development with the Hope founder Nayna McIntosh and the team
  • Free personalised email address
  • Free product training on the new collection twice a year with the opportunity for you to earn the new collection at a fraction of the RRP
  • Weekly updates and news

We have 3 very interesting ways to join us.

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How you do it

  • Hold regular events and/or fashion shows
  • Build a steady and ongoing 1-1 Personal Stylist business
  • Give styling advice and make shopping sociable and great fun!
  • As an ambassador, build a strong business through your social network
  • Don't worry, no experience necessary but very soon gained!

Become a stylist

Join a tribe of stylists who earn money and help drive our message nationwide.


How do hope at home events work?

About Hope at Home Events

What do our stylists say?

Debbie, Hope Stylist

The reason I embarked on the journey with Hope was for a number of reasons, firstly I loved the clothes, and I loved the story and most of all the rationale behind the brand. Finally a voice for us women who want to be stylish but comfortable in our own skin too!

I don't have the time for a full time job as I have other commitments but I did so want to be involved in something I could own, something I believed in and most of all something I could enjoy.

What better way to earn some money than interacting with likeminded women, about our common issues regarding clothes, fit, comfort and style!

For me it was also reassuring to be a part of a bigger team who all work to the same goal and support each other on a daily basis.

There is something quite satisfying about helping other women feel fantastically confident once again in their own skin, wearing stylish clothes and watching them transform before your very eyes, this for me is the biggest reward and I get paid for it!

What's not to love about Hope?

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Any questions?

You may have some, here’s some answers

What is a Stylist and do I need experience?

A stylist is simply someone with a fond and friendly personality who genuinely cares about helping ladies look their best.

You need have no experience at all, just a passion.

Our wonderful family team will give you all the training support you need.

What are Pop Up Boutiques / Hope at Home Events?

A Pop up Boutique / Hope at Home event is just that. You have all the kit you need to set up a fine display of our amazing clothing in the homes or workplace of your friends and family initially, although your hosts lists will soon grow! Events are simply the terminology we use for a social selling get together. You just find the host, she invites her own social circle of friends and family, you simply take along Hope clothes - the rest is easy!

Can I have a business online?

All of our active Stylists earn commission on any sales achieved online, as part of their bigger business.

Will I get training?

One of our team will support you on your Hope Launch event. We also hold regular training at our offices in Berkshire. Additionally all of the team are always on hand to help and advise you with anything Hope related.

How much do I need to invest?

We ask that you make a considerably reduced contribution to the full retail cost of the kit and this can be made in 3 easy instalments. It is an exciting investment.

How do I get started?

Simply complete the online enquiry form or call our Customer service team. Someone will be in touch with you very soon.

Join the Hope Family and Become a Stylist

Taking womens clothing into an exciting new place.


Updating Collection

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

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