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  • Keeping it Real...or not?

    “Listen, 'real' women are the reason the fashion industry exists.” Marc Jacobs   I came across this comment from Marc Jacobs, the American fashion designer, the other day which struck a chord for a couple of reasons. Firstly because

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  • Hope's Spring Collection is Here

    Welcome to our Spring Collection! Spring ‘17 sees the launch of our fourth collection. a beautiful neutral palette in some of our favourite shapes. This is in keeping with our design philosophy of knowing the catwalk trends but not being dictat

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  • Behind the Scenes at Hope's Spring Summer 2017 Photo Shoot

    Shooting a spring collection in January on location in the UK is always a risk and on Monday afternoon we were feeling very nervous as we said goodbye to yet another rainy day. Fortunately on Tuesday we woke to a cold and crisp morning, which cam

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  • Fresh Looks: Hope's Tips to refresh your wardrobe for January 2017

    Happy New Year! My warmest wishes to you all. With the festive season behind us, we're looking to refresh and renew, starting with what we're wearing. Try our top tips to get fresh looks from your existing wardrobe this January by adding just a f

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  • The Life of a Hope Cashmere Poncho

    I believe that women today increasingly care about where their clothes are made, even if they have embraced the idea of disposable fashion in the past. That’s why at Hope we made the decision right at the start that wherever possible our coll

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  • Layering Made Easy!

    When you hear fashion magazines talk about ‘layering' does your heart sink?? Do you sometimes think not sure how that works for me?? Well I don’t know about you but when I was a little girl my Mum used to buy me Bunty magazine, one of my favour

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  • Ab Fab Real Women

    Some of you may have watched Absolutely Fashion on BBC2 recently which gave a behind-the-scenes peek at Vogue House in London - fascinating to watch as this iconic magazine deliberated over Rihanna vs Kate Moss for its front cover. It reminded me o

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  • Hope's 1st Birthday and 1st Blog!!

    It’s hard to believe it has been 12 months since we launched Hope; the time has just flown by! I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to those of you who signed up, purchased, purchased  again or have simply taken an interest in Hope- we are ver

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