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What to wear now...

I don’t know if it’s just me but I always think August is such a funny month, it always feels like you’re betwixt and between; it’s post-holiday, last weeks of the school holidays, pre autumn and often the weather can be at its most peculiar! This week being a case in point, Wednesday for us was truly miserable, wet, windy and the temperature did not get above 15 degrees, the following day it was beautiful, the sun shone and it felt warm and delicious, just as August days should be.

Whilst this was going on we were launching our ‘Taste of Autumn’ which I always feel slightly uneasy about, is it too early, is anyone thinking about Autumn clothes yet?? Clearly the fashion industry is, just look at the September issue of Vogue, it’s a real heavyweight featuring The New Season Collections, I have to say I’m more interested in what to wear now and adapting for such changeable weather.

My last blog resulted in several of you asking for some specifics about the outfits I wore when in New York so I thought I might share with you how I am transitioning from summer into autumn. I’ve got several ‘events’ coming up and what I wear will be dictated by whether the sun is shining or if it’s cool and breezy.

Please let me know what you think, in the meantime enjoy the rest of the summer and see you on the other side!



1. His Birthday Lunch

It’s His birthday and we’re going out for a casual pub lunch, I want to wear the foundation dress because I know it will be so comfortable

Sun is Shining Option:

Wear with bare legs and heels for a spot of glamour

Cool and Breezy Option:

Add opaques and flats for a more sensible yet still stylish option



2. Festival en famille

We are braving our first festival, though definitely not camping. I want to look modern not frumpy, the silver cocoon shirt should do that for me!

Sun is Shining Option:

Wear with my favourite sandals which are so comfortable

Cool and Breezy Option:

More sensible footwear with a layer of knitwear



3. Back to School Shopping

My least favourite kind of shopping ☹️ at least wearing one of my staple outfits will help to make it stress free!

Sun is Shining Option:

Those comfy sandals again

Cool and Breezy Option:

Add leggings, knitwear and sensible shoes



4. Watching the last session of the World Athletics Championships

Managed to get tickets at the last minute and not sure if we’ll need to keep warm or cool.

Sun is Shining Option:

I promise you these heels are super comfortable

Cool and Breezy Option:

Add leggings, knitwear and sensible shoes

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5 thoughts on “What to wear now...”

  • We are having a pretty bad August here in Normandy France too with very wet days and cool, cool temperatures. These looks are just lovely and give the right transitional balance between summer and autumn. There's nothing worse than going out in autumn clothes and then by the afternoon summer returns so layering for me works. Love the looks.

    • Suzanne, thank you for your lovely comments and I am delighted you found the blog useful and I hope the sun starts to shine soon in Normandy! Nayna X

  • I love the simplicity of your line and the reasoning behind it. This line reminds me of Donna Karen at the beginning of her career. We should not have to make it so complicated for ourselves. My first two purchases were on sale because I am on a budget. The quality and style were superior. I hope thw world rewards you with success.

    • Ginny, Thank you so much for your comment on the blog, you wont be surprised to know that Donna Karan is a hero of mine, I have been enthralled with her designs for many years now. In fact when I bought my first dress from her collection 17 years ago and told my Mother how much it was she clearly thought I was mad!! My response was that it was a dress for life and when the time came I could be buried in it! So far it has been and that is still the plan! I am delighted that you're pleased with your purchases and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your good wishes. Nayna X

  • Love seeing the clothes and suggestions. When I saw No.4 with the sun option I thought "Wow- that IS gorgeous". The new purpley colour is quite lovely isnt it. I have yet to try it but I can see it on my wish list now. And it is just fabulous with that wrap. Im now trying to think of occasions that I might need to go to and trying to persuade myself that outfit would be perfect :) I do look forward to seeing all your clothes and I do get excited about items that I order in a way I cant remember doing before with other companies.. As always, when something is very great or very terrible it is hard to put into words. And for me its like that with Hope Fashions. Its seems to be mostly how I FEEL rather than managing to find the words to describe it. Love it.

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