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Quality is at the heart of our business, and this begins with the expert craftspeople we work with, the superior fabrics we use and the finish of our designs. It has always been our wish to support the British textile industry and today 60% - 70% of our products are made in Britain, the rest of the collection is made in Italy.

We believe that if you spend money on something you deserve to know where it comes from. Which is why we love our Scottish cashmere spinning and knitting on Welsh hand frames, we support the artisan craftspeople who are making our handmade leather, Mongolian sheepskin and handcrafted jewellery. And we’re delighted with the Italian fine wovens and state of the art digital prints.

We’re so proud of where our clothes come from that we have labeled everything with either “Made in Britain” or “Made in Italy”.

Together with small scale and local production collaborations we are creating a unique luxury brand that we hope you will love.

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