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Being a Hope Model - Regina - Guest Blog


I had 2 great days shooting the spring - summer collection 2019 in London. The collection made me so thrilled, there where so many pieces I would love to call mine. They where classy, with this little something  - I appreciate this kind of fashion a lot. This fashion is timeless and nothing is more sustained than timeless fashion, with a good quality.

I enjoyed working with this group of strong women and being thankful being part of it. During the shooting I felt being part of wonderful, smart, creative and caring women of all ages. I felt a togetherness…….

I was really exited to meet Nayna the founder of Hope, I always feel blessed to be able to meet great people in person. Behind every authentic brand is a great founder with a vision, Nayna definitely gave this to Hope.

I am in the industry for over 40 years and I have seen a lot of different styles.But lately there opens a new door called diversity. Fashion was very different over this last 40 years. The different was, when something was fashionable it was dictate. Now differences exist next to each other. That’s how it should be, everything should be existing freely next to each other to be able to grow, nothing should be pressed into a scheme - not people, ideas or ideologies ……. All this I can see in Hope , it's for women all sizes, shapes and types.

….and I love the name HOPE…. I always said to my daughter, you can lose everything, but you should never loose hope, because then you loose the future.


SS19 Model & Friend of the Brand

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