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Go Away Wretched Weather!

I don’t know about you, but It feels to me like it’s been winter forever. I was talking to a very dear friend of mine last night who sounded really fed up, after chatting for a few minutes we both concluded that a big part of it was the wretched weather, he was fed up of it being so cold and I know exactly what he means.

We have had a couple of teaser days when it felt appropriate to put your sunnies on whilst driving which is why this post I saw on Facebook recently, made me smile. There are days I am desperate to wear something new and spring like but the weather dictates that I will have to stick to cosy knits and boots for a little while longer.

I was driving through London this week and I did spot my first Magnolia liliiflora and Camellia Japonica blossoming, these along with the Daffodils, ‘Tommies’ (Crocus tommasinianus) and Primulas below starting to poke through in the garden does make me think that spring is just around the corner.

So, in the spirit of dreaming of sunny days and warmer temperatures, I was reminded of the importance flowers have been in the development of our SS18 prints. Prints are always subjective but this season we have once again taken inspiration from nature.


The Dahlia flower was the perfect choice for our beautiful shrug as the flower symbolises amongst other things making a life change in a positive way and following your own unique path, something I have always tried to do in life and with Hope. Available late April.


I love this dress, the Magnolia print is such a statement both on the front and the back. Magnolia symbolises Yin, or the feminine side of life. With such a statement print it means the shape can be incredibly simple, the soft V-neck and delicate tie at the back make it a true representation of the meaning behind the flower.Available end of March.



I first saw this print when I was in Italy last September and was struck by how uplifting and optimistic it made me feel, at our recent shoot we tried it on all the models and whatever their colouring or shape it looked wonderful on all of them, a perfect piece for Hope I feel! Available end of March.


For all our sakes, I hope ‘The Beast from the East Part 3’ doesn’t darken our doors over Easter and that our spring prints give you a reminder that that summer really is just around the corner.




Ps. Don’t forget the clocks ‘spring’ forward this weekend bringing with it lighter nights and hopefully some warmer temperatures.

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