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It's coming more ways than one!

Diana Ross is most certainly coming out!

Some of you may have noticed that our recent ‘SS19 Newness is Coming’ ads on social media used Diana Ross’s 80’s hit “I’m Coming Out", the team selected it because they know it’s on my ‘top tunes’ play list. Diana Ross was one of my many Motown heroes of the 70’s, her voice and beauty were just sublime. How wonderful to hear this week that she celebrated her 75th birthday with a fabulous party, a woman after my own heart. Apparently, she arrived at the venue and had to be helped out of her car because her dress was so huge. Who cares, she looked amazing and had that look of ‘it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’.

I am definitely coming out this weekend, I’m off to York (one of my favourite cities) Fashion Week. I attended its inaugural event last year and had such a lovely time, when they asked me to go back it was hard to refuse. I’m taking some of the Spring Collection and having fizz and cake with a small group of women to talk about the Hope journey. When you go along to these things you never know if you are really adding value but this week I received the most wonderful email this week from a lady I met last year who sadly can’t come on Saturday, this is what she said:

 At your event last year I asked for advice on having confidence in a male dominated environment and you directly me to a lady in the audience who told me that being comfortable in your clothes meant she could concentrate on her work and excel in what she did.  I took that advice and (bizarrely) it’s one of the best bits of business advice I’ve had.  In fact, I’m sat at my desk today in your long navy shirt with the bow at the front, your leggings and vest underneath, very comfortable and able to work without distraction.

Reading this filled my heart, this is truly why we do what we do, help to make women feel beautifully confident because for many women it’s a long time since they’ve felt like that about themselves!

We will all be coming out this weekend when the clocks go forward, coming out of Winter and springing into Spring which for me feels like the perfect time to stop binge watching box sets and get into the garden. Although I have to say I am slightly addicted to 'Fleabag' (as recommended to me by my 20 year old niece) and 'Mother Father Son'. Never mind Richard Gere, Helen McCrory is just stunning in my view.

I think many of us are experiencing bouts of sunshine at the moment which is lovely but still with relatively cold mornings and evenings which I know can present a dilemma as to how to layer up. I was caught out this week when I ambitiously ditched the hosiery and rather regretted it by lunchtime. Note to self, this is how it should be done.

Two people who won’t be coming out anytime soon are my 2 gorgeous kids, it’s a double whammy for us this Summer, Arthur is doing his A Levels and Florence her GCSE’s so having just picked them up from school they are in for a busy Easter, revising!

And finally re coming out (and I’ve managed to avoid mentioning the dreaded B…..word) I do hope that whether you’re going out or indeed staying in that you and yours have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.


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4 thoughts on “It's coming more ways than one!”

  • Your email 'pinged' as I was getting ready for the first day of our holiday by a fishing lake in Wales. On my bed were the clothes for the day....the main item being my recent purchase from Hope - the grey split-hem jumper! Not as vibrant as the Dianna Ross dress, but very stylish. Had lots of comments about this and the same one in pink.
    Enjoy your York event!

    • Morning Catherine, you are slightly ahead of me this morning. I am about to venture out in my Breton Knit and Foundation wide leg trousers which are so comfortable for mooching about until my event starts at 2pm. It's a bit chilly here in York so I'm rather please I brought my Breton Scarf to cuddle into. I hope you and your Curved Hem Jumper have a fabulous day in Wales today and I think in our own way, we'll both re 'Rossing' it! Nayna X

  • I am currently spending a month in South America partly in the tropics and currently really cold here in Patagonia. I have brought a selection of your foundation tops, three pairs of trousers including the dark red velvet ones and two foundation pairs, the merlot shrug and two silk shirts together with the raspberry pink sweater. All the items have survived unscathed and uncreased after a month in and out of suitcases. I have felt both smart and comfortable and what is more complete strangers have admired my clothes. Brilliant!

    • Hi Sally, I hope you're having an amazing adventure in South America, a part of the world I'd love to get to sometime soon. The young adventurers in my family tell me what an awesome place it is. I am also thrilled to hear your Hope wardrobe is playing its part and being admired along the way. I love the fact that you feel smart and comfortable allowing you to concentrate on having the time of your life. Safe travels, Nayna X

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