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Layering Made Easy!

When you hear fashion magazines talk about ‘layering' does your heart sink?? Do you sometimes think not sure how that works for me??

buntyWell I don’t know about you but when I was a little girl my Mum used to buy me Bunty magazine, one of my favourite sections was the 'CUT-OUT WARDROBE' on the back page which always had a picture of a girl and and a selection of clothes for you to cut out and make up outfits, does anyone else remember this??

I used to love experimenting and putting different outfits together, no surprise I ended up working in fashion and visual merchandising then!

Well that’s what layering is all about, putting different pieces together to make as many looks as possible, this was put to the test recently when a customer came to us and wanted to update her winter wardrobe but without having to think too hard, sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

We started with the foundation pieces in grey and made that the basis of her wardrobe we then picked out her favourite pieces and started to layer on top of that, we then looked at changing the foundation pieces to black and put the same preferred pieces with that, they still worked. So the dilemma was grey or black, black or grey, in the end she chose both!


With 12 key pieces from the collection she had 16 new looks for both work and play! 


For more ideas on how to layer the Hope collection why not take a look at our one of our little ditty’s below which really do show that layering can be as easy as 1,2,3!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Nayna X

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2 thoughts on “Layering Made Easy!”

  • Hi Nayna,
    I have been layering in my own way for years but have never found a foundation collection like yours,which is very exciting. However how does one choose from the always chic black to your great looking gray??? Decisions decisions, or perhaps splurge out on both.?
    I' m waiting to hear back from you about a second delivery to me in France,I will then decide!!
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Elaine,

      Thank you for your comments and I completely agree with the point about decisions, decisions, black or grey?? I've lost count of the number of women who tell us they can't wear grey and then try the grey foundation pieces and simply love the colour on them. We have also developed the most beautiful navy which is due next month, I think our customers are going to love that too. Re your second delivery I believe we are getting back to you directly re a cost. Thank you for loving Hope! Nayna X

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