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Ab Fab Real Women

Some of you may have watched Absolutely Fashion on BBC2 recently which gave a behind-the-scenes peek at Vogue House in London - fascinating to watch as this iconic magazine deliberated over Rihanna vs Kate Moss for its front cover.

It reminded me of the dilemma I’ve had about selecting the right image for Hope. Right from the outset, I wanted Hope to be as inclusive of as many 40+ women as possible in terms of shape and ethnicity.

  • SHAPE: appealing to all shapes and sizes, not just one bit of our audience
  • ETHNICITY: better representation of the society in which we live – I continue to be dumbfounded about how few women of colour are represented on magazine covers

Curvy model, Sinead, for our first collection25 year old Gabi in our SS16 campaign


We quickly realised how challenging it was to win the attention of the fashion press when we used a curvy model in our first campaign. Yet when we used a 25 year old model in our second campaign it didn’t resonate with our customers. We certainly felt between a rock and a hard place!


Yet at the end of the day it’s our customers who are most important to us which is why we’re featuring Real Women for our 3rd collection …

Women who represent the kind of women we want to reach out to.

All of these women  – who we’re proudly calling The Hope Models - gave up their time to join the shoot and also agreed to share some of their personal details so you can see just how representative they are e.g. their age, height, dress size. Many of them agreed to be filmed and tell us what it is they love about Hope, please see the link to our 'Meet our Models' page below to see and hear what they said.

We are delighted with the outcome, everyone looks so relaxed and confident. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You – you’re all Absolutely Fabulous!!

If you would like to join us for our next Real Women shoot please let me know, we’d love to meet as many of you as possible.

img_1429Finally I’m heartened to hear that Vogue have chosen to follow a similar trend for their November issue which will feature real women instead of models for the first time ever. Vogue editor,  Alexandra Shulman is quoted as saying she wanted to explore what women wear through a “real filter”

Couldn’t agree more Ms Shulman!

Nayna x

View our new Meet our Models Page!

Read the BBC article about Vogue's November cover

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10 thoughts on “Ab Fab Real Women”

  • Hi Nama,
    We spoke by e-mail when I started buying from hope fashion as I had ordered so many pieces. I haven't had to return one item and I love them all.
    I would love to be part of your next fashion shoot.
    I am 59 years old and tonight I have weighed in at slimming world and I have now lost 3 stone. I love the new me and my new wardrobe from hope fashion
    Angela X

    • Angela, well done you on the weight loss, I am deeply envious!! It would be tremendous if you could join us for our next shoot, at the moment we are collating a list of names and we will be in touch when we have more details. Thank you for continuing to support Hope!! Nayna X

  • Hi Nayna,

    I would love to be included in the next Real Women shoot. Yesterday I celebrated my 56th birthday and amongst my goals for the coming year, I had included "looking after ME", which means that I shall not only continue to keep fit, and work hard, but treat myself and I was planning to start by purchasing an item from your collection!
    My journey since I was 42 has been both challenging and at times emotional, but never dull! I changed career at 53, and embrace life full on.
    I am 5'5", size 10, blonde hair, blue eyes and feel comfortable in my own skin.
    I would love to hear back from you.

    • Morning Karen, firstly belated birthday wishes for yesterday, hope you had a lovely day! Your journey sounds like it has a real story to it and I have real admiration for changing careers in your 50's because it can be very scary, Well Done you! It would be great to have you on our next shoot, at this stage we are ascertaining interest and collating names. we will certainly add you to this and be in touch when we have more details. Nayna X

  • Hi Nayna,
    I am a newcomer to Hope and trying hard to work out a way to get a delivery to France ,think I'm winning!!
    I would love to be considered for one of your shoots,( I come to England often)
    I am in my 70's (well preserved !!!) 5 ft 61/2 ,size 10/12 depending on mark. White short hair and proud of it,
    Ex model /actress ( long time ago) but still do a fashion show here in France twice a year,which I adore.
    Loved seeing all your models,so good to at long last feel there are clothes out there for us women who still love fashion and taking care of ourselves.

    • Jan, Thank you for your patience re delivery to France, I know it's not straightforward. We are trying to work out how we can make this easier (and cheaper) for our international customers, there has been so much interest it has rather caught us by surprise! Like you I wear my hair short and increasingly grey, I decided to embrace the greyness about 18 months ago and feel so much more comfortable with it. We would love to have you at our next shoot, at this moment in time we are collating names and will be in touch in due course with more details. Thank you for the interest you have shown in Hope, much appreciated. Nayna X

      • Thanks Nayna,I think we have found a way for the delivery and payment. I am so looking forward to receiving the sweater.
        Your hair looks amazing,it is difficult to understand why we hesitate when one can look so good.
        All the best. Jan.

        • Jan, enjoy your sweater and if you get chance send us a picture of you wearing it, we love to see our customers wearing Hope. We find they often add a twist or do something we hadn't thought of which is great. Thank you for your kind comment about the hair, I'm almost catching my Mum up! Nayna x

  • Hi Nayna,

    Thanks so much for replying, and I will keep my fingers crossed, that I hear back from you. I have been a single parent of two beautiful daughters for 14 years, (they are now 18 and 21) and I would be happy to share a collage they made on Facebook yesterday. (Karen Lawrie), showing the many happy times we have had over the past 12 months.

    I taught fitness for 25 years and still deliver inter-active sessions as a public speaker to the over 50's entitled "keeping active in later life" (this is in addition to my role as a self-employed project coordinator for a property developer.

    Life is very exciting isn't it?

    Karen x

    • Karen, would love to see your collage, why don't you DM us on Facebook. You sound busy, active and happy, great combination! Nayna X

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