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My Hope Jumpsuit Journey

This is a tale about a weekend trip to Strasbourg. The hero of this story is a black jumpsuit packed away in a wheelie case which also contains a pair of silver brogues, a silk shirt, two jersey tops and some carefully chosen accessories.

My story starts at the amazing St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. It's a very special place and a truly luxurious overnight stay, ideal for an early start on the Eurostar to Paris. For my evening meal and catch up with family who work in London, I need an eye-catching and fashion forward outfit. The little voice in my head tells me that these hotel guests are city chic and many come here to enjoy cocktails after work with friends and colleagues.

I love people watching but I am also aware that others share the same passion. This means that I need to make sure I am not under dressed or invisible. There are too many women of my generation lacking confidence. They almost always put the needs of others before themselves feeling that to spend money on good clothes is an indulgence when, in reality, they have every right to shine.

With this in mind, I head off to the Art Deco reception area dressed in the Hope Jumpsuit with my favourite cream silk shirt underneath. I accessorise the outfit with a string of pearls (definitely flattering to the face and a softening backdrop to the black), a colourful belt to draw in the waist and my pair of silver brogues to finish the look. It is simple but stunning. Best of all, this outfit feels expensive, the jersey being sufficiently weighty to hang beautifully when standing up or sitting down. A jumpsuit for grown-ups.

Saturday morning and we are off on the Eurostar to Paris where, on arrival, we speed across to the Gare de L'Est and catch the TGV to Strasbourg with only minutes to spare. Over four hours on a train so I need to feel comfortable but smart. Normally I would have stuck to my trusty jeans and a jumper but recently this combination has felt 'very stale'. As a baby boomer, I still feel drawn to jeans but more often than not find myself struggling to find a flattering pair. I believe the black jumpsuit is a garment that is here to stay and like the little black dress and the white shirt, will find its place in the gallery of timeless classics. I hope that it will as its fit is more forgiving and more flattering.

Today I feel stylish but appropriate, wearing it with the white mid- sleeve jersey foundation top and a leather biker jacket. I add colour with my favourite scarf.  Whereas jeans can start to cut into you after sitting for hours, I am hardly aware of my jumpsuit and on a practical note, going to the bathroom poses no problems. The zip at the back is easy to reach and its quality means no snags or catching on threads. Bliss.


Arriving in the beautiful city of Strasbourg is really exciting. Its French and German heritage might have given rise to a difficult past, but the buildings, food and people reflect the best of both worlds. Once again, the little black jumpsuit proves its worth during the day and the evening.

Our first evening is spent dining in the historic quarter known as Little Paris. This time I wear the silk shirt again but accessorise it with a chunky crystal necklace, chain belt and my silver brogues for walking to the restaurant. The evening is warm and so I carry the Hope cashmere poncho in a glorious mango shade, so definitely not invisible!

Our last full day and we explore the city by foot and by water taking a boat ride on the canal. This calls for a comfortable but stylish city outfit. I'll be climbing in and out of narrow boats, sipping coffee in the bustling pavement cafes and walking miles! These chic European women are a hard act to follow but the jumpsuit proves, yet again, to be a versatile and dynamic character in this story.

This time I wear it with my Breton stripe top and contrasting scarf and cinch it in with a black belt. My shoes are a very comfortable pair of trainers and look great with the suit definitely not shortening the leg length. This I put down to the wide leg shaping.My journey is almost over and my jumpsuit is still looking fresh, bandbox neat and ready for more outings! As the main character in this story, it can truly be described as a hero piece and a definite winner in a travel capsule wardrobe.


Customer & Friend of the brand


PS. My jumpsuit washed like a dream and didn't even need ironing. A happy ending!
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