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Spring In Sight


I know for many people this time of year can be very gloomy; dark nights, cold mornings, damp days but as an Aquarian I’ve had my birthday to look forward to.

In addition to Valentines Day, I met MWH (my wonderful Harvey) in February, 19 years ago, so there has always been plenty to celebrate in this month.

This year has felt tougher for some reason and I’m beginning to empathise with my Maternal Grandmother and indeed my Mum who dislikes winter intensely, something to do with being born into the glorious Jamaican sunshine I guess. I was born in good old Birmingham so I don’t have that excuse so maybe this year it’s more to do with getting to an age which is closer to 60 than 50, 57 to be exact.

That said, there have been a couple of special highlights this week including a mini shoot we did yesterday for the first phase of SS19, btw thank you to those of you who have emailed asking when is Spring coming, makes it so worthwhile.

We shot a small number of pieces representing the first collection, some of your favourites are here; cashmere blends, power foundation cropped pants, sandwashed silk all mixed with Breton stripes but not just any Breton stripes, at Hope we’ve done them in beautiful cashmere and cotton blend, it feels divine.

Huge thanks to Suzannah who agreed to model for us again. Suzannah lives locally and applied to our Real Women model competition. Suzannah has 5 grown up children and 2 grand-daughters and is currently enjoying a renaissance in her modelling career.

Finally and under instruction from MWH I’m running away for a few days of Winter sun, I’m off to visit my cousin who’s been teaching in Antigua for a couple of years. I’ve never been to the island so I’m very excited. I am also desperate to feel the sun on my bones and swim in the Caribbean Sea, oh and seeing Junior of course!!

By the time I get back we will hopefully be ready to launch some newness and Spring truly will be in sight!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and I do hope you like the BTS images, we think Suzannah just gets better and better. Hope you agree,




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10 thoughts on “Spring In Sight”

  • Lovely to see a new blog Nayna, please keep them coming, I miss hearing from you!
    Brilliant news about the Spring collection- can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. I am a relatively new customer but adore your clothing and brand.

    • Pippa, that is so kind of you on every level. I am delighted you love what we're doing at Hope, we set out to be different because I strongly believe there are women out there looking for something different. So pleased you found us! Nayna X

  • A teaser indeed! - looks good, Nayna! Breton stripes, hooray, and I love that gorgeous blue...

    • Hi Fiona, we thought long and hard about the Breton stripes because as you know so many brands do them......but I really feel we've done them in a Hope way. The top is in our Foundation fabric so the fit and comfort will be fabulous and the jumper and matching scarf are knitted in a gorgeous cotton cashmere yarn which feels divine. The cobalt blue is indeed gorgeous, reminds me of a favourite perfume from my youth, YSL's Rive Gauche! I hope you love it all Fiona, take care. Nayna X

  • I am new to this site, but already I am feeling the stirrings of Hope. I am an elderly woman with an abiding interest in fashion, but not for its own sake. Indeed, because I am petite (5’ tall) I have always had to search for clothes which do not drown my figure, I am size 10, so apart from the design I have to bear in mind proportion. It is so difficult to find something which once I wear it I can forget it. I am excited to see many shapes in your collection that I feel I could wear. My only worry is that if a piece were to be right for a size 14 it would totally envelop me and would be a disappointment. I am making my first order today and hugely looking forward to something that will suit and fit me.

    For years I have been bemoaning the lack of things to wear for my size, not age particularly, I choose clothes which in my belief are able to define who I am, clothes are an art form. Looking at your collection I think you recognise that there has been a misapprehension as to what women of a certain age want to wear, if it happens that your sizing does not happen to fit for me, I would still like to wish you lots of luck in your endeavours. PP

    • Hi Patricia, thank you for taking the time to write such a candid and positive message about clothes and dressing. I adore your point about 'feeling the stirrings of Hope', I maintain that Hope is an emotional brand and comments such as yours convince me even more so. Like you I am 5' tall and the older I have gotten the more I appreciate the importance of proportion when putting an outfit together so please let me know how you get on should you decide to order from us. Thank you for your good wishes for the brand, it's very much appreciated. Nayna X

  • Hello from Boston... :-)

    Thank you for the bit of spring news. I, too, love your blog posts. I can’t wait to get my hands on that beautiful blue top! Such a beautiful color.

    Enjoy your break in the Caribbean sun!

    • Hello Jennifer, how lovely to hear from you! I have been under pressure from the team to get back to blogging but I wasn't sure it mattered to our customers, comments such as yours inspire me and convince me there is a place for my voice so thank you for that. We have bought a tiny number of the 'beautiful blue top' so hope you manage to get one. I see it's as cold in Boston as it is in London right now so I will blow some Caribbean sun your way when I get there! Nayna X

  • So lovely to hear from you Nayna
    Happy anniversary for Feb 19th
    Enjoy Antigua and can’t wait to see the spring collection I need a Hope Fix !!!!

    • Hello Myriam, so good to hear from you! I hope you adore Spring, I think it builds on the learnings from Autumn so fingers crossed. I literally cannot wait be in the sunshine, currently sat at the airport!!! See you soon, Nayna X

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