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Street Style #HopeByMe

Many of you have told us over time that you enjoy seeing Hope styled by real women, so this season we asked a number of customers and friends of the brand to style their favourite pieces from the collection in their own way.

Celebrating ageless style is at the heart of Hope and seeing how customers style Hope with their wardrobe favourites ie jeans, shoes and accessories, gives us a fascinating insight and helps us to understand our customers better.

In addition, we often get asked for styling advice and outfit building tips which is why we are launching #AskNayna, this can be found in Nayna's World in the Inspire Me tab on the website. If you love an item but are not sure what to wear with it, if you're not sure what size to buy or if you haven't purchased before and are not sure where to begin, please use #AskNayna and I will be very happy to help.

A huge thank you to those of you have sent in your photographs, which can be found in the Hope By Me Gallery or #hopebyme on instagram.

If you are yet to do this and would like to join the Hope By Me gallery, please upload a photo here or tagging us with #hopebyme on instagram.

And don't forget to get in touch if you would like any styling advice.


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6 thoughts on “Street Style #HopeByMe”

  • I have just recently sent you a photo I returned from my cruise last week. I was wearing the white ensemble which I loved and it was admired by practically everyone on board. I matched it up with a pashmina and matching shoes and bag. Bear in mind I am a retired 76 year old who has worked with fashion all my life. I hope to order much more in future as I love the quality and fit. Happy Sales for you .x

    • Hi Margot, I am delighted you love your white ensemble, that combination is one of my favourites too! I was out on Friday evening with my 78 year old Mum who like you she has worked in fashion for most of her life and I have to say she she continues to look fabulous, very much my inspiration! Hope you see things you like in the the new collection. Nayna X

  • I have already sent a photograph of my white ensemble. I loved it to bits and it was so comfortable to wear. I dressed it up with a pashmina matching shoes and bag. It was admired by practically everyone on my cruise. I add that I am a 76 year old lady and have worked in fashion most of my life. Your clothes are fantastic and I will be ordering again for autumn. Thank you so much for helping me to look good..x

    • Hi Margot, I think this another version of your earlier comment but just acknowledging nonetheless. I am delighted that Hope is helping you to look good, that was always my dream, Nayna X

  • Hi, I was wondering if you still have either a navy or khaki parka in the sale. I did not have the funds but now I have some birthday money and wanted to buy something really nice.

    Thank you

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