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The New Normal


Thank you again for the lovely messages you've been sending in response to my weekly updates, many of you have shared how you are coping with self-isolation or social distancing, I am fascinated at the different ways we’re all spending our time; some are tidying/reorganising cupboards, others are cooking, baking or gardening whilst some are spending more time doing the things they love like listening to jazz or painting. I think all this creativity has to be good for the soul!

We’re so pleased with the responses we are getting that I have decided to take over the Tuesday email slot and write a weekly blog so I can keep in touch with you.

Despite the lockdown, we at Hope have had a couple of reasons to celebrate in the last few days which has been a blessed relief in these strange and uncertain times. Firstly, our darling Boy made it back from Australia early on Saturday morning.

He went out there for a 12 month gap year last July, working in a school just outside Melbourne. When the government advised last week that Britons abroad should make their way home whilst they still could, we immediately booked a flight for him which was subsequently cancelled, as was the second one. We were beginning to despair as to whether we would get him back anytime soon. Third time lucky they say and in this case it was, he landed at 5.30am into LHR and we were all greatly relieved.


We then spent the weekend in the new normal that is lockdown, more jigsaws, planting vegetables in the allotment, playing chess (the boys, not me) and joining an online Family quiz with 14 participants including my lovely cousin Angie in Hong Kong. The virtual diary is getting pretty busy!


 Over in Hertfordshire, Amanda enjoyed a weekend of celebrations (or was that non-stop cooking and baking…!) for her husband’s 50th.


Just a bit calmer than initially planned, it was a day of dog walks and fresh air finishing in a prefect Sunday roast. However, in order that Amanda’s 86 year old Dad didn’t miss out, she drove his roast dinner and homemade crumble round and left it on his door mat!


Sharon and her family have enjoyed getting out and about around Chiswick with her daughter making full use of her bike as well as fully embracing the new Nation’s sweetheart, Joe Wicks' workouts!

Lynda has been enjoying some home DIY and walking her dog, Hector, in the sunshine!

Several of you have said you would be interested in joining a virtual coffee morning which is great news. We are just investigating which platform we think would work best: Zoom/ House Party Chat/ Facebook Live/ Group Face Time? Who knew there were so many. Tell us which platform might work best for you and we'll keep you posted when we have confirmation of a date and time.

Take care everyone,

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